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The Product Management toolkit saves you hundreds of hours by aggregating frameworks and access exclusive benefits on the best tools and services.

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Discover amazing deals on products and services to help you deliver the best results for your project - Saving you upwards of $3400!

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Search through 1000s of great resources from articles, frameworks, tools and podcasts to find solutions to learn from the best in the industry.


Tap into a great community of product managers and experts to help with questions and tricky problems.

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Why Product Managers seek out the best deals on tools

Unlock Savings on Products & Services

Find tons of great savings on the very best product & services tailored to your project.


1200+ Free Product Management Resources

From the best newsletters to the latest frameworks, we have collected awesome resources for you.

Get Access to Early Betas

Try out the very latest tools and services ahead of everyone else with early discounts.

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Find the best tools and services based on the development cycle phase you're in.

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What People Say About Us

I'm constantly growing my skillset and looking for the best resources out there, so this really helps especially when building new projects.

Viviane Paraschiv
Retail transformation manager, Farfetch

Finding good deals on product tools is really tough. They can all get pretty expensive and you don’t really know how they will fit into your PM tool set. It would be nice if I didn’t have to waste hours of my life researching tools and prices just to do my job…

Shelton Miller
Product Manager at Cognizant

There are many products and tools that I’d love to buy and try out, but they can be pricey. So instead, I’m always on a look out on great deals or a parity price.

Yi-Hui Chan
Founder at Yi-Hui Chan, Inc

Frequently asked questions

All the answers right here

What kind of deals can I find?

We focus on product management tools and offers which are best suited for your work. These often include new tools that allow you to test out new workflows and processes. Rather exciting!

Can I use a deal if I'm already using their product?

Most of the deals that we offer are only accessible to new users. Yet, some deals (like Notion or Airtable) are accessible to existing users. You can check the conditions of eligibility of each deal on their page.

What kind of resources will I find?

We curate weekly resources from within the best product management communities.

What is your refund policy?

We refund all the users that do not access deals for eligibility reasons. We do not refund eligible customers.