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Xano is the fastest, most powerful NO CODE backend development tool (with Docker Containers, Kubernetes, Crud Operations, and built-in Expressions), with excellent integration (APIs documented automagically, input/output mapping and 3rd party integrations and marketplace), and one of the best with security (includes free SSL certificates, single-tenant deployment, and role-based access control), as the price-performance leader.

Fastest Development Speed
- **100% No Code.** Allows you to rapidly develop new applications faster and cheaper without senior engineers and complex programming processes.
- **Run Stack.** Allows you to visualize and develop the components of your backend with a simple to understand flow diagram.
- **Docker Containers** This ensures it always works uniformly and stable in the cloud, with less time debugging, regardless of the infrastructure.
- **Kubernetes Deployment.** Organizes your Docker containers into pods, so you can automate deployment, load balance, track resources, and scale up or down.
- Pre-configured add-ons and applications so you can add capabilities immediately.

Most Powerful Backend Development

‍- **CRUD Operations**. Xano makes it easy to generate basic CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) keeping the model in sync with the endpoint.
- **Query PostgresSQL Database**. The most powerful and flexible database within the open-source community providing a relational database plus No SQL.
- **Expression Builder**. Xano creates queries without programming.
- **Engineering Concepts**. Xano supports engineering concepts like statements, conditionals, preconditions (also known as predicates), and more.

One of the BEST at Integrations
- **APIs Documented Automagically**. APIs and endpoints are automatically documented in OpenAPI (via Swagger).
- **Input / Output mapping (metadata mgt & mapping**). Secure, easy-to-use, code free customizable metadata management & mapping.
- **3rd Party Integrations. **Xano’s robust APIs and your ability to edit and modify them, make it easy for you to easily integrate with other popular applications.

One of the BEST Security
- **FREE SSL Certificates (automatically)**. Xano includes your SSL certificates.
- **Single Tenant deployment. **Dedicated resources (including CPU, RAM, and storage)–providing greater security, reliability, and flexibility.
- **Role-based access control**.

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